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Welcome to the LG Team

I created a short video to remind returning LG’s of the five things we do for students, it can also be used for brand new LG’s as they become part of the team.

Enjoy it, use it as you see the need for it.

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Growing Participation Through Growing LG’s

Throughout America the most amazing people are serving students great tasting nutritious food. In some cases the facilities are still up to date for the 1960’s. Upgrading the facilities is a long and perilous process, sometimes years in the planning and implementing.

Though our primary task is providing great tasting nutritious food for students, food may not be the greatest reason they come to us. What can we do in the mean time to make the environment more appealing for our customers in our Campus Cafe or School Restaurant?

Recognize that The LG (Lunch Guy and Lunch Girls) who serve and interact with Students, Staff, and Parents are our greatest feature. As we continue to focus on upgrading our program we need to place the same level of emphasis on enhancing all our LG’s.

As LG’s (Lunch Guy and Lunch Girls) gain greater confidence in themselves and their ability to communicate and connect with their customers (Students, Staff, and Parents) the over mission of school nutrition is accomplished with greater effectiveness.

Equipping the Campus Café and School Restaurant with staff that understands how to serve great tasting nutritious food and connect with customers is the best marketing strategy.

Here are three things that will increase customer service and cost nothing to implement.

1st            Look at our students while they are in front of us. Look (even for a split second) at their eyes.

2nd           Smile at every student we serve

3rd            Call students by their name as much as possible

The LG’s (Lunch Guy and Lunch Girls) that serve our students, staff, and parents in Campus Cafe and Restaurants are our most important resource in increasing customer allegiance.

I am Matt, and I am your friend

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Free Resources to Enhance LG’s

Five Easy Activities To Catch the Best of Thanksgiving Day

Thursday November 24, 2016 “Thanksgiving Day. A time, a moment in our lives with Family and Friends. Here is a 30 minute video where I suggest five easy things to do to Catch the best of the day.

Matt Upton

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Needing a Mindset Reset?

There are times in most of our lives we need a Mindset Reset. Somehow we have slipped into a lower, heavier, and darker mindset. This lower, heavier, and darker mindset takes a lot of energy to live with in. My experience has been that it also attracts more illnesses and body aches and pains.

Over time and traveling through life I have discovered twelve tools that have a tendency to regularly reset my mindset to  higher, lighter, and brighter space. This space is not occupied by many illness or body aches and pains.

The twelves tools are not a one time fix all after the initial use, You will need to regularly deploy them into your thinking muscle. Once you use these tools on a regular basis and allow them to become part of your everyday routine, you will begin to experience more energy and less illnesses (or, at least I have).

Along with these twelve tools you should consider using what I call the TAAT through down and the Q-Tip principle.

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LG’s Serve “Lunch Guys & Lunch Girls”

How to Build a Life that is Worth Living

How to Answer Your Critic

This morning on my weekly Thought-Filled Tuesday Morning Coffee/Tea Chat with Matt we discussed a four point strategy to handle or talk with our critic. We revealed what I call The “F” Troop who become critics of our MAP.

Here is a copy of the video of the discussion. It is my hope that you enjoy it and are “In-Couraged” through the insight of the four point strategy.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

How To Answer Your Critic

Five Connecting Points to The Heart

Have you experienced a disconnect between your solution or message and those you have the answer for? Those that you know need your insight, wisdom, solution, or service and somehow they are not interested?
Then plan to spend 30 minutes with me over a cup or coffee or tea and lets chat about the five points of connect that can help get your insight, wisdom, solution, or service in the hearts and hands of those you want to serve.
Call me March 1st at 6:30 in the morning(California Time) at 712.770.4010 and use as your connection code 788638. This will be a Live Facebook event as well. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Soles of Success 2016

Soles of Success

Some of you are aware of a project we have been engaged in for a little over a year now. Last year around this time we been partnering with lunch gals and guys, a few congregations, various disciplines of public schools, and big-hearted people to place 1010 pairs of shoes on the feet of children and students on October 10, 2015 (my birthday). We accomplished our goal and kept going.

Because of the Big Hearted people who have continued to open their Purses and Wallets we have nearly 400 Brand New Soles of Success for the feet of children and students that will enable them to run faster and jump higher/ After some strategic purchases, we still have $972.oo on hand for more Soles of Success.

You are making this happen 🙂

BTW: You can give at by accessing the link in the bottom right hand corner of the website. Thank you Thank You.


If you would like to partner with us, email me at or Call/text me at 916.708.8103. We need many big-hearted people just like you to help more children and students run faster and jump higher.

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Discover your Blend of Success