Step Out and Go For It

Standing on the bridge with four of my friends, looking down at the water. It must have been 7,000 feet below or so??? For quite sometime we had talked about jumping from the bridge to the river below, yet had never followed through with our talk.

There has been many times since that day that I have found myself at the edge of a dream, something that I had talked about often yet never done anything about it. Each time I reflect back on that day with my friends standing at the edge I can hear them say, “You go first, then we will go”.

What I learned that day is most people need someone else to go first. I also learned that all that say they will follow do not.

When you go first, it must be primarily because you can do nothing else but go. It must be more about you and who you are than the hope that others will follow. If you go with the goal of everyone following you will be discouraged. The hard truth is that there are more talkers than leapers. Leap for you and you will discover greater peace.

Go for your dream, step out and be your dream. You, go First.

Plan to be with us Tuesday night, October 30, 2012 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

There are four steps to be part of the Wisdom Search tonight.

  1. Set aside one hour from 7:00pm to 8:00pm tonight to be a participant of the Wisdom Search
  2. Go to and under the “Free Resources” tap down load the worksheet for tonight.
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