We become what we think about …


Thoughts are to our soul what food is to our body and health. My body tends to lean toward being healthy when I eat healthy. When I allow less than healthy thoughts to consume my mind, than I will tend to lean toward an unhealthy direction in my choices.


Thoughts that stick around directly affect our soul. They lead my mind, will, and emotions in their direction. No one can force you to give life to thoughts except you. We control the time and energy we give thoughts.


We also have a great deal of control on what influences our thoughts. Reading, watching, and talking about depressing things tends to cause us to be depressed. Spending a lot of time speaking to others of the injustices against us also tends to create deep caverns of depression in our soul.


We cannot undo the depressing, destructive, injustices that happen. Yet, we can choose how much life and space we give them in our life.


Choosing to think and talk about good things more than bad things tends to create a life that has higher levels of peace and happiness.


Thought-Filled Tuesdays at 7:00pm we spend an hour talking about how to take control of our thoughts. We are currently creating “I AM” statements for ourselves for November 2013. We want to encourage you to join us Tuesday December 18, 2012 at 7:00pm.


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