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  • 61 Gemstones along the journey

    Good morning on 10.10. Each year on my birthday i add to my gemstones something that had the transformational power to me when I discovered it. I've added #61 to the list and attached it to this post. It is my hope that along with [...]

  • In Just a Minute

    In Just a Minute “Come over here young man” the older distinguished looking man said to me. He had been watching my children and i all under the age of seven. He asked me to snap my fingers and as I promptly complied, he said [...]

  • Becoming an Opportunity Attractive Person

    Becoming Opportunity Attractive Why is it that some people seem to attract opportunity and others never? It’s almost as if better jobs, raises, spectacular relationships, and so much more chase some and ignore others. The question is can we become opportunity attractive? Is there [...]

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