Thank you for visiting  Beginning Tuesday night October 9, 2012 we will launch a 60 minute Wisdom Search call in meeting. This first Wisdom Search call will have as its subject the Hidden Gifts within Difficult Situations.
Our Wisdom Search Call will begin promptly at 7:00pm and last for 60 minutes. Please note all Wisdom Search calls will be recorded.
The Wisdom Search call will begin with Matt allowing everyone to give their names and the city and state where they live. Matt will spend about 20 minutes teaching a ULP (Universal Life Principe) and then each of you will have your questions answered. You will be able to ask your question on the initial calls through text at 209.732.6288 or email at . Each question will be addressed either on the call or by return email and or text.
You will be able to call (559) 726-1000.  Follow the instructions, enter your pass code of 572000, and we will spend 60 minutes together on a Wisdom search with other Wisdom Searchers.
The initial schedule is: October 9, 16, 23, and 30, 2012. We will record our conversations and at a value centered price, make the recordings available for you to be listened to over and over again.
You can reach Matt at 209.732.Matt(6288) or email him at