Ruby, stepping out from the back seat of Mom’s car looks around a once again sees all the people who do not see her. She, wanted to talk with her Mom on the way to school this morning, yet Mom was busy talking on the phone and sipping her Starbucks Venti.

As she walks through the other students, Ruby is excited to see her LG, because she knows that her LG sees her. She will for the first time this will get a genuine smile and feel valued. The truth is that she comes to breakfast less about what’s being served and more about who will Serve her.

While in the line with other students no one talks with her, yet, her LG looks up and not only Smiles at her, gives her a little wink that Elevates her morning. She once again feels as though an adult is Rallying for her and Values her. Once Ruby reaches the front of the line, she hears, Ruby girl how are you this morning?

“I am wonderful now, because of you”, Ruby says with her first smile of the day. At this moment of transaction life Education happens between them. Because Rudy’s LG is there to Serve Students, Possibilities open up for Ruby.

As Ruby’s day of school begins with breakfast with her LG, she is now happy and feels as though someone, an adult truly cares for her. This opens her up for greater possibilities of learning and gaining life wisdom.

LG’s (Lunch Girls and Guys) Serve their students more than great tasting nutritious breakfast, lunch, and sometimes supper, they Serve up Possibilities through their love and belief in their students. One of the greatest assets that students have are their LG’s (Lunch Girls and Guys).

Students may never know the full name of their LG, yet they will never forget the impact you make on them. The life lessons you model before them and once in a while get to say to them.

Those that Serve Create Possibilities!