Think Upward

Everyone faces situations in their life. You can face it or run from it. The creativity to face it is located in how you think about the situation.

If you believe that there is nothing within or about the situation that can be good, then you are thinking down.

If you approach the situation (even as difficult as it can be) that there could be something within it that you can learn and be a better and bigger person, than you are thinking upward.

Thinking upward always bring with it new insight and new wisdom.

Join me tonight at 7:00 for a lively discussion on the Five Steps the Reluctant Leader must Take to gain Confidence.

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  1. Mary Williams says:

    I had the pleasure of participating in the 5 Steps the Reluctant Leader must take to Gain Confidence phone conference October 16th and was glad I did. Following is some of the information I heard and hope to start applying more consistantly in my life:

    1. Embracing my failures until I’ve found something I can learn from them.
    2. Looking for opportunities to share some of my responsibilities with my complainers.
    3. Discussing the process that led up to problems, but not the people involved.
    4. Finding the clear compelling vision and/or purpose and then submitting to it regularly.
    5. Outside of fulfilling responsibilities, seeking and pursuing opportunities to serve others from my GPA (gifts, passions and abilities).

    Matt, thank you for taking the time out to share!

  2. Cindy Sypolt says:


    I wanted to say “thank you” for spending an hour with us tonight, and providing some of the best leadership advice I’ve heard. It’s very easy to lose focus in this world and lose our way. A little over a year ago, I was promoted up to where I am now, and I had no idea why “I” was chosen, and thought it was one o life’s funny little jokes. I still sometimes wonder how I got to where I am, but I believe it was god putting me into a position where I can make a difference. If I am able to apply what you taught tonight, not only to myself, but apply it in all aspects of my life then the change starts here, with me. I believe there was a reason God lead me to this place tonight, and I was able to walk away with a ton of wisdom. I am so grateful for you!

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