The rest you seek is discovered in the midst of your leap.  Your current “Why” is in a bit of flux, its changing, this is evident in that you are contemplating a Leap.

Our life is made up of three living zones at the same time: Our Family Life Zone, Our Volunteer Zone, and Our Career or Vocation Zone. When any of these zones are in the midst of the change of a Leap, it has ripple effects on our entire life. As we Leap from where we’ve been to where we need to be, it’s like taking a Leap from one plateau to another. Though this Leap can be overrun with anxiety and fear, you can also have a great sense of rest and peace in the midst of your Leap. Let me give you four ways to enjoy the leaving of this plateau and leaping to your next.

Remember and reminisce on your gains of where you were. Let your mind and heart celebrate, rather than crying over the leap of change.

Enjoy your new “Now (New Options of Wonder)” and employee your ability to be “in-Couraged” through your previous successes.

Smile as you face the pressure, predicaments, and perils of this new space through knowing you are where you must be, and these are your new educators not your eliminators.

Trust the process and tabulate the wins more than the losses. It is your responsibility to take charge of your mind and thoughts, you get to decide what hangs in the gallery of your thought life. Post the wins in the galley of your thought life. Now take the time to sit and gaze at them often.

Leap On my Friend

Your Fellow Leapologist