The Power of “NO”

No, now means something different to us as adults then it did when we were kids. Grandchildren do not define “no” the same way we do either. You and I hear no and we view it as “not going to happen”, children and grandchildren hear “not at this moment, come back and ask again and again until I say yes”.

I believe that we will be happier, fulfilled, and experience abundance when we return to the same definition of “no” that we once had. When I was a budding salesman selling Christmas and all occasion cards door to door, “no” meant hurry and get to the next door it may be the yes I am looking for. This thinking has made me a top producer in almost every endeavor I have set my hands to ever since.

Many people are out of work today. Some of them want to work and are out there looking. It takes an average of 12 no’s to get a potential employer to say yes, ‘lets sit down and talk about you working here”. It takes on average an additional 12 interviews to secure a job in today’s market. Those that locate their new job must translate no the way they did as a kid? They do not give up and quit looking; they just keep going and knowing they will find it.

There is power in the word no. You and I get to choose which power a no has, negative and limiting or positive and life launching. I challenge you to go out and locate some no’s and let them become your vitamin that gives you strength and courage to keep pressing forward. Become that child who finally gets what you want because they do not give up.

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