I AM …

Watch me fly Dad, I can fly because I am super man. I am a princess and am so pretty. Little boys and girls make “I AM” statements regularly, and they believe them to be true. The little girl who believes and tells herself how beautiful she is and that she is a princess walks and talks her “I AM” statement to her self. Her family goes along with her and affirms her every statement about her positive self-image. The boy, who believes he can fly, climbs up and his bunk bed and prepares to launch out into flight, believing the entire time he can. His Dad, standing there encouraging him to jump and catches him. Dad, affirms his son’s imagination about flying, sets him back on the bed and says, fly again.

Something happens along the journey from childhood to adulthood, many of us lose the power of “I AM” statements. We replace them with “I cant, I will some day, I am unable, and so on and so forth” statements.

I AM statements are about the here and now, they are about believing beyond sight, beyond understating. They are about taping into a power that is beyond you, even to the majestic.

This Thought-Filled Tuesday at 7:00pm we will begin looking into and practicing “I AM” statements. You can participate by calling the Wisdom Search line at 805-399-1000 and when prompted key in your pass code of 593915.

Email me at matt@onthemoveforward.com or call me at 209-732-matt(6288) if you have any questions about Tuesday or if I can help in any way.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and your family and when I can do anything for you, just ask. I am very grateful for you.