The Gift of Failure

Looking into the eyes of your own soul and seeing the disappointment of a failure is as difficult as anything I know. Everyone fails from time to time. We fail in our commitments, our careers, sports, relationships, and so much more. It is not long we move from experiencing failure to viewing ourselves as failures.

Yet, what if failure is the teacher, professor, trainer we’ve been looking for to improve our lives? Tuesday morning at 6:30 (pct) I will share 13 truths about failure. Through our 35 minutes together we will discover that failure is designed to create movement in our lives. Our definition of failure determines which direction we move.

Plan to spend 35 minutes with me on the phone Tuesday morning January 28, 2014 at 6:30am (pct) to learn the 13 points of movement failure has the power to accomplish. We will learn that failure is part of living a blended life, we will learn that the direction we move is based on our definition of failure.

Call me at 805.399.1000 at 6:30am (pct) Tuesday morning. When the phone answers use your participation code of 593915 and we will spend the next 35 minutes learning the 13 points of power that failure possesses.

I am Matt, and I am your friend