(part 1 of 4)

When you and I sense the lure to the edge of our current comfort zone, there are internal conflicts that arise. They can create storms within our soul (our Mind, Will, and Emotions).

Part of our being wants to make the Leap to the next plateau of our life while the other wants nothing to do with the Leap.

This conflict creates instability, confusion, and ultimately indecision. How do we move beyond the edge and make our Leap?

Understanding the paradoxical conflicts will help us Leap forward with courage and confidence.

Paradoxical Conflict Number One:

No one has ever done exactly what you have within you to do. Therefore there is no one that can show you the exact steps you must take to achieve fulfilment and success.

With no one to get precise advice from, you will need to get out of your head and begin to trust your gut and heart, follow your passion. Many have Leaped out on the journey of their own fulfillment and success, yet none have taken the exact Leap you are being called to do.

You can play it safe and stay where you are, yet it will produce discontent, disappointment, and discouragement. Your peace, fulfillment, and success is not available in the safety zone, it’s out there in the unknown.

Take a long look over your journey to where you are now, you will notice that you’ve already taken many Leaps. Though your Leap was heart pounding, you made your Leap and you lived and thrived.

Now, take the Leap!

Your Fellow Leapologist


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