(Part 4 of 4)

Often making your Leap to that fulfilling career, relationship, or volunteer position involves leaving loved ones behind. This can be painful for both you and them. Yet, for your fulfillment you must make your Leap.

They have not experienced the calling to make this Leap you are contemplating. They do not nor can they understand what you are sensing. If you stay, you will be miserable, and make them miserable as well. This Leap is (often) for you and you alone to make.

Once you make the Leap and begin to demonstrate your fulfillment, and your success becomes evident, you will become a powerful force of “In-Couragement” to them.

Your fulfillment and success will transform yours and their sadness into gladness, their fear and disappointment into celebration. You will also begin to notice that some will make appointments with their on destiny.

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