(part 3 of 4)

There will be fear, a lack of peace, and a lack of confidence in moving towards your own Leap Zone, and taking your Leap. This is because you nor anyone else has made your Leap.

Looking squarely into the abyss of the unknown is scary. Its okay to admit it, it’s not okay to allow it charge over your Leap.

Many times the reason we do not Leap towards the new plateau of our career, relationships, or where and how we volunteer is because we take a head trip. The problem with head trips is that they usually involve problems, predictiments, and pressures that we misinterpret as signs to stay and play it safe.

“G-Ma, just imagine, if … ” says one of my friends grandson who gives her best serve as a School Restaurant manager for the last 23 years. Our imagination has the power to create powerful realities, both good and not so good. The outcome is up to us. “G-Ma, Just Imagine, if …”

The way you imagine your Leap will either anchor you in your safety zone or cause you to build a Leap Zone.

Leap On my Friend

Your fellow Leapologist

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