(Part 2 of 4)

While you begin laying out your M.A.P. for your Leap, there will be a lack of friends and family lining up to encourage you to make your Leap.

There are three basic reason why they give you little to no encouragement. They sometimes just flat out do their best to discourage you from your Leap.

Before we unwrap their “why” let’s look at the big benefit of their lack of encouragement. This vacuum of support is a test of your resolve to fulfil your Life’s Mission. This heat of little or no support will serve to strengthen your endurance to stay the course.

Three Reasons for their lack of “In-Couragement”

  1. Their love for you will not allow them to encourage you to Leap to what they view as peril, harm, or failure. They are blinded by their love for you. The best gift you can give them is your fulfillment and success.
  2. Some of their livinghood either financially or emotionally comes through you. This causes them to advise you to stay and play it safe. They mean you no harm, its that they are focused more on their supply rather than your fulfillment and success.
  3. They have experienced the calling to Leap and have chosen to play it safe in their own life. Thus, there is no way they can encourage you to make your Leap, for if you do, they will be compelled to make theirs.

Leap On my friend.

Your Fellow Leapologist


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