The vast majority of students standing in the line at school cafe’s and restaurants are there for a different reason than nutrition. They are there because they are after three things. Number one reason is they are hungry, followed by seeing and connecting with their friends, and some are there because they get to talk with their lunch gals or guys who serve them everyday.

Standing in Line They want something that taste good and satisfies their  hunger. Yes, some of them the nutritional value is of interest  to them, yet most it is just that it taste good and fills their  tummies. The connection they get with their friends and the  servers in the café and restaurant enhance the food they are  served.

The wise school café and restaurant leader that markets the taste and satisfaction of the food along with the connections made with their friends as well as their lunch gals and guys will see growth in numbers.

Apple®, Chrysler®, Pandora® and many other companies market the feeling people receive rather than the technology behind their product. They have recognized that the majority of their current and potential customer purchase based on feelings rather than knowledge.

Students attending 20 and 25 high school reunions when surveyed about whom they remember of high school regularly call out three people. They remember their coach, followed by the mean teacher, and then their lunch gal or guy.

There is something special about those who serve food in the school café or restaurant? It is above and beyond words, it is a feeling they give to their students.

I suggest that we rethink our marketing practices and begin to highlight the connections made at the school café and restaurant as the primary reason to eat with us. Once they are with us we can teach and market the nutrition and its importance in the quality of our lives.

Here is a thought to check and see if what I am suggesting has merit. Create a time once a week or once a month where students can have lunch with their Lunch Gal or Guy.

You can call it “Lunch with Your Lunch Gal or Guy”. Have the students sign up to be randomly chosen. Designate an area in the area while they eat and decorate it with a tablecloth, balloons, or flowers (make it look special). Randomly choose the day before and announce the winners for this week or month. The Lunch Gal or Guy who is eating with the students will eat the same food they are. While eating they can take one of the items and discuss the nutritional value of the food product, where it is produced, how it aids their bodies for health, and any other beneficial information.

When you begin to follow-up on the “Lunch with Your Lunch Gal or Guy” project, you will discover that because they got to know the person serving them, they retained and retold what they learned about what they are eating.

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