How Big Are You?

The storm of opposition bears down on you to reveal just who you are and what you are made of. What will be revealed through this high level difficulty in your life and character?

We can turn and run from the issues that are this storm or we can turn and face it. Turning and facing the storm of opposition takes commitment and courage.

The person who faces the winds of adversity within the storm is the person who is living by eight ULP’s (Universal Life Principles). They learned them through living through rather than running from opposition.

You can live through the storms of opposition in your life as well. Tonight at 7:00pm we will spend an hour in a Wisdom Search learning the eight ULP’s of Discovering the Opportunities that are Embedded within Opposition.

There are four steps to be part of the Wisdom Search tonight.

  1. Set aside one hour from 7:00pm to 8:00pm tonight to be a participant of the Wisdom Search
  2. Go to and under the “Free Resources” tap down load the worksheet for tonight.
  3. Call the Wisdom Search phone number (805) 399-1000 at 7:00pm
  4. After being connected enter your access code of 593915

If you have any questions or I can do anything for you, just ask J