Purpose for Transformational Coaching:

Help you Discover your M.A.P. to your next Plateau

Life involves a series of plateaus along our developing life’s purpose. The Valleys and Peaks of life are where the treasure of purpose is to be discovered. The enjoyable and not so enjoyable serve the same purpose, to help us gain the rubies and diamonds of wisdom that can launch us from the security of our current plateau.

Your Need for Transformational Coaching:

Truth is “No one needs Transformational Coaching”!

Every person comes into life’s journey pre-equipped to transition from plateau to plateau. It is within the soul of all of us to journey from this plateau to plateau. It is along the journey we gain the jewels of wisdom need for the journey forward to our next plateau.

The dilemma is that we work so hard to get through the perilous journey to get here, we never want to leave our new plateau. Yet, a new quandary develops, discontent. Now we have two choices, dig in and live with discontent and a growing bitterness, anger, and resentment for what we once enjoyed; or we set out for the next plateau.

We MUST want Transformational Coaching to help us discover our M.A.P. which has always been here, yet veiled for a moment.

When to begin the next leg of your Journey:

“Do not begin, unless you have no choice!”

Do not begin! You should remain here as long as you possibly can, because what’s ahead is perilous. Just as it was to get to where you are now, yet the comfort of being here has erased the memory of the valleys and left only memories of the peaks and successes.

You will need the stamina of what rest, rejuvenation, and recreation gives you. Not only will you need to energy from these three, you will need the treasure chest of wisdom your acquired to arrive here. Before you set out on your next leg of the journey, there is one more thing you will need, a new M.A.P. and a good understanding of it.

If you do not have an obvious discontent for your current now, and a developing view of your M.A.P. then do not begin the next adventure of you journey. If you have accepted your discontent of what used to be comfortable for you and a developing understanding of your new M.A.P. then set out, waste no more time.

If you possess a discontent for where you are currently, yet still do not have your M.A.P. then seek Transformational Coaching to discover your M.A.P.

Transformational Coaching Investment:

You’ve already made the biggest investment, do not let it go to waste

You’ve already made the major investment. Through braving the journey to where you are now, and filling your Treasure Chest of Wisdom through all your valley’s and peaks of disappointment, disillusionments, and discouragement and yet never quitting.

To engage in Transformational Coaching Session, it will take an investment of two hours of your time. We will can engage in one of three ways initially: Phone, Skype or some video media, or you can drive to Lodi and have a Face to Face Transformational Coaching Session.

One to one is best for a Transformational Coaching Session, yet we can arrange two or more, and even you and your leadership/influence team.

Length of the Journey:

No human being can determine the length of the journey

No one can rightly predict the future and the length of your journey from this plateau with its growing discontent to your next enjoyable and success-filled plateau. Absolutely NO one!

There is no secret, your just need to begin the journey. It will unfold as your step from the secure place into the unknown. If your need to first illumination of the beginning steps of your M.A.P. ask for a two-hour (never a fee) Transformational Session.

If along your personal, relational, career, or your corporate journey you discovery you need additional Transformational Coaching Sessions, then lets create a three-month agreement.

Once you arrive to your new plateau, enjoy it for all it has to offer, savor the gold, silver, rubies, and sapphires of wisdom you picked up through the valley’s and peaks along the journey.

Remember, this may not be your final destination. Be on the lookout for discontent, disillusionment, and discouragement that grow up in your midst, they could be indicative that it’s time to lunch out on your next journey.

Our first Transformational Coaching Session will be for two hours and it will of no charge to you, its my investment in you, my way to Serve you. When you are ready to begin Leaping from your current plateau to your new one, let me know, I am here to Serve you in becoming your best version of you. Connect with me in one of three ways. Send me a Text or call me at 916.708.8103 and let me know of your intentions, or email me at Success@MattUpton.net, and the simplest is let me know by filling out the form below.

I am looking forward to our Transformational Coaching Relationship.

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