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Not Any Longer!

Some Called it Courage

March 5, 1955 while boarding the bus to head home after a disappointing day at school, 15-year-old Claudette muttered the words “It’s not right”. She sat in a seat that was off-limits to her and with her arms crossed continued to grumble just a little over a whisper “it’s not right”.

The first step in gaining courage to move forward in your career, community, or family commitments is the acknowledgement of “it’s not right”. This acknowledgement must get to the point that it creeps out of your heart from the depths of your soul and into your actions.

Meet me Tuesday morning at 6:30am (Pacific Time) on your phone and we will spend 35 minutes discussing the first step in acquiring the courage to move forward in your career, community, and your family commitments.

Call me at 805.399.1000 and use your participation code of 593915 and lets spend 35 minutes together discovering what every great change agent has experienced just prior to gaining the courage to move forward.

I am Matt, and I am your friend
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Adversity Opens Eyes

Adverse conditions show up from time to time. Each time they visit us it is it’s purpose to benefit, grow, and expand us to the capability of the task ahead of us.

Tuesday evening (tonight) at 7:00pm (pst) we will continue our two-week week discussion of the gifts that are embedded within difficult situations.

Call 805.399.1000 and use your participation code of 593915 and gain the insight you have wanted into adverse conditions.

All of us face adversity, some of us receive its many gifts. Plan to be with me Tuesday night at 7:00pm (pst) to and discover the surprising benefits of adversity.

I am Matt and I am your friend 🙂

Pressing Forward When Quitting Seems Easier

Pressing Forward when You Feel Like Giving Up

Tonight, August 27, 2013 at 7:00pm (pst) we will spend an hour discussing how to keep pressing forward when you want to quit.

There are three things you must know before you even begin an endeavor that will keep you pressing forward during the difficult times.

While you are pressing forward in the darkness of difficult times; there are five things we must remember to keep us going till the task is complete.

Meet me tonight at 805.399.1000 promptly at 7:00pm (pst) using your pass code of 593915 to learn how to Press Forward when Quitting Seems Easier.

Call me in my office at 209.732.6288 if I can answer any question or be of service to you.

I am looking forward to spending an hour with you this evening.

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