Structural Changes Needed in Your Thinking


The transition to living a grateful life involves making structural changes in our thinking pattern. There are seven pillars that must be installed and cared for in our minds that will uphold a grateful life.

I believe that most of us have patterns of negative thinking trough out our thought life. These patterns are strengthened through conversations with family and friends, through the news and other media sources that spend much of their minutes espousing what’s wrong and negative. We then take it in and rehash it mentally and send it back out verbally or in written form.


If we grew up in a family or culture that spent much of their influential time running people and circumstances down then we quite possibly are negative thinkers too. Yet, we can conduct a remodel of out thought life that will give us a greater possibility of living a grateful life.


There are Seven Pillars of Thought that need to be placed in our BS “Belief System”. Thought-Filled Tuesday November 13, 2012 at 7:00pm we will focus on three of the seven pillars and then November 20, 2012 Thought-Filled Tuesday at 7:00pm we will spend our time looking at the remainder four.


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