Serving Students in Our School Restaurants and Cafes across America transforms lives.
Tomorrow as students return to school from a long weekend, many of them will be looking forward to seeing, hearing, and feeling the love and acceptance they receive from their Lunch Gal and Guys. 

The valleys and mountain peaks that Lunch Gals and Guys travel through in their lives prepare them to be the amazing Super Hero’s in students lives. Students who are missing love, compassion, a and acceptance at home crave what Lunch Gals and Guys serve to them while meeting the food and nutrition needs.
Thank you to everyone one of you who make school breakfast, lunch, and supper possible. Not only to you fill their bellies with great tasting nutritious food, you provide them with the love, compassion, and acceptance they crave.
I am Matt and I am your Friend. When I can do anything for you, just ask.

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