Eight-year-old Sarah rides quietly in the back seat on the way to school while her Mom is texting and driving. Multiple emotions flood through Sarah as they pull up to be dropped off at school.

She wonders what or if her Mom will say anything to her as she gets out of the car, or will she just stay focused on the text chat she is having? Will, the kids make fun of her today because of her size, her outfit, or her hair? What will her teacher say when she hands in her homework? Yet, the emotion that brings a smile across her face is the thought of seeing Ms Patricia and Mr. Jared at breakfast.

Across America there are children similar to Sarah who struggle with their family, friends, and school experiences, and yet look forward to seeing their very own Lunch Gal and Guy.

The Ms Patricia’s and Mr. Jared’s of the school restaurant and café’s are serving because their passion for students. Most begin their service with a goal of spending quality time with their own children. Then, something happened to them, all the kids at school became their children too.

Every Ms Patricia and Mr. Jared have a unique special connection with some students over the rest. One of the reasons is they see with in the Sarah’s that they serve, themselves. They see and re-experience their past, and want to be the person for Sarah that they never had. I think this is why the Mr. Jared’s and Ms Patricia’s return year after year to serve in their school restaurant or café, is to be available for their children.

As Sarah stands in line for her breakfast, she is not looking at the menu board; she is looking for her lunch gal or guy. Because they are more important to her than what’s going to be given to her to eat. As she gets closer to the front of the line, she anticipates when Ms Patricia will look at her and they will see each other. And, for the first time all morning someone will look at her eyes and see the real Sarah and call her by her name.

Lunch Gals and Guys serve nutritious great tasting food every day that enhance the lives of students, yet the greatest thing on the menu is what they give to their students from their heart. They serve food and change lives.

The best thing about our school Restaurants and Cafes are the Ms Patricia’s and Mr. Jared’s.



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