The Environment of your family, where you volunteer, or where you trade your minutes and abilities for the money to sustain your world is gaged by the thermostat of your Serve.

Bring your best Serve every day and you’ll see the environment change for the better. This can be accomplished through four regular steps.

  1. Be in charge of your own attitude. Allow nothing or no one to be in control of your attitude.
  2. Elevate your look to above the actions and attitude of others. Look towards the one who provides for you, protects you, and propels you forward in Leap forward.
  3. Serve rather than waiting to be served.
  4. Transfer the good will that you wish for to those around you through your actions and words to them.

When I can assist you in making your Leap to your best Serve, send me a text or give me a call at 916.708.8103 or you can email me at