Many of us travel in circles of regret and repeat. We repeat the same failures and foolishness of the past. After repeating the past we regret what we seem to attract and create.

Can we move forward into healthier relationships and opportunities?

I believe we can! We must discard the “watching the past” syndrome. Those of us the repeat and regret spend much of our time watching the DVD of our past. We watch and reinforce what and how we did what happened. Rather than viewing the DVD of our past to reinforce and repeat them, we must glance at them to learn from them.

As we become learners then we can move forward. Moving forward to new ground and bigger and better relationships, demands a new course of action.

Grant yourself freedom from repeating through personal forgiveness. This will enable you to move from regret and repeat to learner and launcher.

Launch into a new and bold course. Become the person you know you can be.

Go boldly where you have not been before. The territory of peace.

I am Matt, and I am your friend.