Seeing is Believing …


Walking into the appointment believing it will go real good usually tends to turn out well.


Arriving early for a blind date believing it will be a disaster usually turns out to be a disaster.


Sitting across the desk from the interviewer of your new job believing this is the one and that it is going very well, usually turns out the way you expect it to turn out.


The “I AM” statements we make about ourselves have greater power than most of us acknowledge. The statements we make about situations contain directional power and drive us towards the very statements we make about the situations.


The statements we make to ourselves about our careers and businesses tend to come to pass. When a leader believes the organization they are leading will grown and prosper it usually does.


Opportunity is made available to everyone equally, yet not everyone defines the options the same. Those that expect growth, success, and prosperity tend to seize opportunities with greater effectiveness than those that do not expect the best.


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