The weekend has arrived and it is time to relax and enjoy Family and Friends. Take a look over the past week and acknowledge where you have learned a thing or two, give honor to the chunks of wisdom you have picked up through the week. Yes, even through the difficult Triple “P’s” Problems, Pressures, and Pesky People.

Retaining those chunks of wisdom is much easier when we honor them verbally or in written form state our gratefulness for them.

Remember Thought-Filled Tuesday is just around the corner and our Wisdom Search into the Seven Pillars of Thought that build a Grateful Life.

Call the Wisdom Search line at 805.399.1000 and when prompted on your key pad enter your pass code of 593915

You can reach me at 209.732.matt(6288) or follow this link and email me.

Enjoy today, for it is the only one that will be just like today.