Reframing — being all STRESSED out


We see stressed people passing by us everyday. It is likely we are the stressed passing others by as we travel from this pressure point to the next. According to a upsetting report by American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, NY published April 6, 2012 a full 77% of Americans report having experienced physical symptoms caused by stress on a regular basis.


Take a look at some of their findings:


Stress Stats

Stress is complicated and is gradually steeling our quality of life, damaging our relationships, crumbling our careers, diminishing our positive impact on those under our influence, and ruining our health. There is no simple answer to our stress problem, yet there are some tools that each of us can deploy that will reduce stresses negative impact.


Meet me at 7:00pm Tuesday on your phone by calling 805.399.1000 and when prompted use 593915 as your access code and we will go on a Wisdom Search together to turn the tide on being all STRESSED out. We will learn a reframing tool that has the possibility of delivering deep wisdom for you and those you have influence over.


Reach out to those that pass you by everyday who are as STRESSED out as you and lets work together to gain four new tools that have the capability of changing everything.


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