Tonight at 7:00pm PCT we will conduct a live call in program where we will the five qualities that all leaders great leaders demonstrate while solving problems. BTW: all great leaders solve problems! We will also teach the five steps that we must take to increase our problem solving skills.

Call 805.399.1000 and use 593915 as your participation code at 7:00pm (pct)

Here you your worksheet for tonight:  Problem Solving Worksheet

Here is the recording of tonight’s broadcast. Click here to listen.

Interesting fact about the show on Problem Solving, we have been broadcasting every Thought-Filled Tuesday (except two Tuesday’s) since November 2012 and tonight was the first time we have experienced technical difficulties. Which created a scenario where we had to use the material we were teaching while on a live broadcast. Listen through it all and let me know your thoughts.
My direct line is: 209.732.6288