Pressing Forward Through the Darkness

When you are tired of pressing forward and completing the task that you have agreed to do, how do yo press forward.

When darkness has replaced the light of your work, how do you continue?

When your job has lost its pleasure, how do you continue to press forward?

When a relationship that you vowed to stay in has become dark and dreary, how do you stay loyal to your vow?

There are three questions that each of us must ask before the beginning of any commitment.

After you enter into any endeavor that has big rewards, there will always be darkness prior to the morning, storms before the wonderful sunlight, hardship before the wonder of achievement and accomplishment.

Listen to this almost 30 minute audio and give me your thoughts of its content.


3 Commentsto Pressing Forward Through the Darkness

  1. That is how I keep going … knowing what I am doing is aligned with my purpose and is serving others who want or need what I have to offer. Yes, Yes, Yes to it all! Thank you Matt!

  2. Love the thoughts, brother. Be encouraged.

  3. Annette Peter says:

    I enjoyed listening to tonight’s call. I very much agree with the fact about starting and completing a project, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment over the struggle and guilt you feel when you start and QUIT something. One of my favorite parts of your Thought Filled Tuesday calls are always when you share your personal life stories to give examples of situations–it’s nice to be able to relate possibly my struggles or someone else’s struggles and see some type of solution or process that can be applied for a better outcome. Thank you again for your words of wisdom!

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