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Welcome to the Team of School Nutrition

Bringing on staff a new LG (Lunch Guy or Girl) is a big task. Their start and training is essential to everyone. They will affect the synergy of the entire School Nutrition Department, the School Restaurant they become a part of, the school, and most importantly the students they serve.

This 90 second video is my gift to you in an effort to help you get the new LG off on a good start. It is the first of several videos to assist you in creating and sustaining a great menu of LG’s who Serve Students.

It is free, you can download it and use it as often as you like.

If there’s anything I can do for you, just ask.


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Those Who Serve Create Possibilities

Ruby, stepping out from the back seat of Mom’s car looks around a once again sees all the people who do not see her. She, wanted to talk with her Mom on the way to school this morning, yet Mom was busy talking on the phone and sipping her Starbucks Venti.

As she walks through the other students, Ruby is excited to see her LG, because she knows that her LG sees her. She will for the first time this will get a genuine smile and feel valued. The truth is that she comes to breakfast less about what’s being served and more about who will Serve her.

While in the line with other students no one talks with her, yet, her LG looks up and not only Smiles at her, gives her a little wink that Elevates her morning. She once again feels as though an adult is Rallying for her and Values her. Once Ruby reaches the front of the line, she hears, Ruby girl how are you this morning?

“I am wonderful now, because of you”, Ruby says with her first smile of the day. At this moment of transaction life Education happens between them. Because Rudy’s LG is there to Serve Students, Possibilities open up for Ruby.

As Ruby’s day of school begins with breakfast with her LG, she is now happy and feels as though someone, an adult truly cares for her. This opens her up for greater possibilities of learning and gaining life wisdom.

LG’s (Lunch Girls and Guys) Serve their students more than great tasting nutritious breakfast, lunch, and sometimes supper, they Serve up Possibilities through their love and belief in their students. One of the greatest assets that students have are their LG’s (Lunch Girls and Guys).

Students may never know the full name of their LG, yet they will never forget the impact you make on them. The life lessons you model before them and once in a while get to say to them.

Those that Serve Create Possibilities!




Your Greatest Gift is You


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Your Greatest Gift














May I ask a Favor from you?

How to Bring your Best Serve in the midst of Difficulties


59 Gems I’ve Discovered along the Journey

Today, October 10th I step into 59 years of being on this journey of living. Like many who are here, we are a bit surprised to have arrived here so quickly. At the same time there are those who are where we were just yesterday, thinking “WOW” he is so old (LOL)!

I have put together a list of 59 gems I’ve picked up along the trail to here. Truth is along this journey i have goofed up (sometimes badly), made a truck load of “Mis-Takes”, experienced mountain top experiences as well as valley type heartaches, learned and re-learned a lot, yet the greatest Gems of through everything are the relationships I’ve had.

Some relationships were but a moment and others have lasted. Some of them became to kind of relationship that seemed as though they always had been. Of all of those that have been a gift to me by way of relationship, there are three people who have given me the most valuable Gems of the entire journey.

They feel as though they’ve always been part of my life and every time we are together whether breathing the same air space or through the advances of technology, they always replenish me. They are Rudy Felix Marquez JR “RJ”, Carmen Alicia Barajas, and Ezekiel Noah Marquez “Eze”; my three VP’s (Grandchildren).

They’ve been my greatest teachers of what’s most important in life. They have taught me to put everything aside and be with people face to face. it’s okay to color beyond the lines, sing out of (everyone else’s) tune, and to sit on the floor are just a few things that each of them have taught me.

The privilege to know and serve you is beyond my deserve line. Thank you for allowing me to be in your world and called one of your friends.

When I can do anything for you, just ask :-).

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Welcome to the LG Team

I created a short video to remind returning LG’s of the five things we do for students, it can also be used for brand new LG’s as they become part of the team.

Enjoy it, use it as you see the need for it.

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Growing Participation Through Growing LG’s

Throughout America the most amazing people are serving students great tasting nutritious food. In some cases the facilities are still up to date for the 1960’s. Upgrading the facilities is a long and perilous process, sometimes years in the planning and implementing.

Though our primary task is providing great tasting nutritious food for students, food may not be the greatest reason they come to us. What can we do in the mean time to make the environment more appealing for our customers in our Campus Cafe or School Restaurant?

Recognize that The LG (Lunch Guy and Lunch Girls) who serve and interact with Students, Staff, and Parents are our greatest feature. As we continue to focus on upgrading our program we need to place the same level of emphasis on enhancing all our LG’s.

As LG’s (Lunch Guy and Lunch Girls) gain greater confidence in themselves and their ability to communicate and connect with their customers (Students, Staff, and Parents) the over mission of school nutrition is accomplished with greater effectiveness.

Equipping the Campus Café and School Restaurant with staff that understands how to serve great tasting nutritious food and connect with customers is the best marketing strategy.

Here are three things that will increase customer service and cost nothing to implement.

1st            Look at our students while they are in front of us. Look (even for a split second) at their eyes.

2nd           Smile at every student we serve

3rd            Call students by their name as much as possible

The LG’s (Lunch Guy and Lunch Girls) that serve our students, staff, and parents in Campus Cafe and Restaurants are our most important resource in increasing customer allegiance.

I am Matt, and I am your friend

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Free Resources to Enhance LG’s

Five Easy Activities To Catch the Best of Thanksgiving Day

Thursday November 24, 2016 “Thanksgiving Day. A time, a moment in our lives with Family and Friends. Here is a 30 minute video where I suggest five easy things to do to Catch the best of the day.

Matt Upton

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Needing a Mindset Reset?

There are times in most of our lives we need a Mindset Reset. Somehow we have slipped into a lower, heavier, and darker mindset. This lower, heavier, and darker mindset takes a lot of energy to live with in. My experience has been that it also attracts more illnesses and body aches and pains.

Over time and traveling through life I have discovered twelve tools that have a tendency to regularly reset my mindset to  higher, lighter, and brighter space. This space is not occupied by many illness or body aches and pains.

The twelves tools are not a one time fix all after the initial use, You will need to regularly deploy them into your thinking muscle. Once you use these tools on a regular basis and allow them to become part of your everyday routine, you will begin to experience more energy and less illnesses (or, at least I have).

Along with these twelve tools you should consider using what I call the TAAT through down and the Q-Tip principle.

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