Magnificent Monday


Not long ago, I heard a keynote speaker say more people have heart attacks while driving to work on Monday mornings than any other time? He went on to say that he believed the heart attacks came on because these people were going somewhere they hated going.


The stress of the work place can be unbearable at times. Doctors administer medications to alleviate pain that is directly rated to the pressure and dislike that is connected to the job.


You may not be able to just quit your job? You may not be able to relocate within the job? Yet you can bring another person to work.


Yes, with a fresh new perspective you can bring a new you to work. This new you, your better self, will have eight new attitudes that will help you discover the opportunities that are embedded within opposition, stress, and difficult situations.


Thought Filled Tuesday at 7:00pm we will host a Wisdom Search to Discover How to see the Opportunities that are Embedded within Opposition.


You can participate from your phone by dialing the Wisdom Search phone number (805) 399-1000 and then entering your Wisdom Search Access Code of 593915.


If you would like the worksheet for Thought-Filled Tuesdays Wisdom Search then go to and under the tab “Free Resources” down load the worksheet.


I look forward to spending time with you Tuesday night October 23, 2012 at 7:00pm. If you have any questions you can reach me at or 209.732.matt(6288)