Yes, you have great ideas and great solutions! Yet, no one listens to you. You are told you are to young, to old, not enough experience; do not really understand how things really are.


So, how do you bring your ideas and great solutions to the table with all these obstacles in the way? There are three things that you can do to get immediate results and maybe even get invited to the table.


First: Listen more to others while talking a lot less.

Second: Wait to be asked for your ideas and solutions.

Third: Learn to speak with the right attitude when speaking at the table.


Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 6:30 (pct) give me a call at 805.399.1000 and use your participation code of 593915 and lets talk more about how to get your ideas and solutions to the table. We will talk for 35 minutes and then you will be on your way towards a Thought-Filled Tuesday.


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