Is it Opposition or is it Opportunity

Difficult times are part of the lives of the wealthy, the poor, the good and the bad. There are many situations and circumstances that we can no power over, yet we can choose our response to them. It is our response to the conditions that creates the following circumstances.

Our internal thinking, attitudes, and emotions determine what we see, hear, and feel. This determines if we are put down through opposition or see the opportunity within the circumstances and become bigger and better.

This Tuesday night at 7:00pm at Ask Matt Upton we will explore the eight attitude shifts we must make to uncover the opportunities that are hidden within opposition. Please let me know that you plan to attend by emailing me at or calling me at 209.732.matt(6288). You can down load the worksheet for Tuesdays Wisdom Search by going to and clicking on the tab Thought-Filled Tuesdays there you will find the link for your worksheet.

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