Love is …


“Happy Valentines Day, I love you”,  this statement will be used over and over again today. For some, it is the echo of their heart for another that is expressed continuously through the year. Yet, for others it is just mere words that have little or no meaning.


When “I love you” is said and there has been nothing done prior to the use of them they carry the potential of pain and disappointment. The old adage of “sticks and stones, they may hurt me, but words can not” is not true! Using the three words … I Love You should be the expression of thoughts, feelings, and action already lived over time.


There are at least four actions that give credibility to the words I Love You.


Number 1

Live your life in such a way that if you never could write or say the words I Love You it would be evident that you do.


Number 2

Open the lines of clear communication between you and those that you say I Love You to. Remember communication is less about what you say and more about what they hear. It is interesting that (most of us) have two ears and one mouth. Could this be an everlasting signal that we are supposed to listen twice as long as we talk?


Number 3

Value the people you are saying I Love You above and beyond yourself and your agenda. High value is demonstrated in where you spend your 1440 minutes that allotted to us each day.


Number 4

Elevate those that you say I Love You through your words and actions that demonstrate that you want their best and peace give them power to step up to and be their best.


Enjoy today as you say I Love You.