Through out America the most amazing people are serving students great tasting nutritious food. In some cases the facilities are still up to date for the 1960’s. Upgrading the facilities is a long and perilous process, sometimes years in the planning and implanting.

What can we do in the mean time to make the environment more appealing for our customers? Though our primary task is providing great tasting nutritious food for students, food may not be the greatest reason they come to us.

The Lunch Gals and Guys who serve and interact with Students, Staff, and Parents are our greatest feature. As we continue to focus on upgrading our program we need to place the same level of emphasis on enhancing our school nutrition servants.

As our Lunch Gals and Guys gain greater confidence in themselves and their ability to communicate to their customers (Students, Staff, and Parents) the over mission of school nutrition is accomplished with greater effectiveness.

Equipping the Campus Café or Restaurant with a staff that understands how to serve great tasting nutritious food and connect with customers is the best marketing available. Here are three things that will increase customer service and cost nothing to implement.

1st            Look at our customers while they are in front of us. Look (even for a split second) at their eyes.

2nd            Smile at those we are serving

3rd            Call them by their name as much as possible

Those that serve our students, staff, and parents in Campus Cafés and Restaurants are our most important resource in increasing customer allegiance.

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