Remaining loyal to your own value system and moral code while allowing others to do the same, takes courage. The question before us is how do we live a blended life and allow others the grand privilege of living their lives?


There is a special grace that grants peace as we learn to let others live their lives their way. Leading others is more about liberating them to become all they are meant to be, rather than locking them into our way of thinking and perceiving the world.


Tuesday morning at 6:30am (California Time) we will spend 35 minutes discussing How to Grant Freedom and receive the Courage to do so.


Give me a call at 805.399.1000 and use your participation code of 593915. Remember Tuesday morning at 6:30 California time. If you would like to talk prior to Tuesday call me at 916.708.8103 or 209.732.6288.


I am Matt, and I am your friend J