Deciding to Leap into living out your own M.A.P. involves taking charge of your life and beginning with limited knowledge.

While learning to ride our bicycles we did it with limited knowledge, fell a few times, got back up and accomplished what we set out to do.

Taking your leap will produce the following six things.

  1. Grabbing the handlebars with a sense of gratitude, even though in fear was a leap forward.
  2. Remembering that someone knows you can will give you courage
  3. Accepting the challenge to move forward is where Leaping begins
  4. Validating another’s progress is powerful for both of you
  5. Elevating someone to an opportunity can bring out their best
  6. Liberating others from their fear, through your belief in them, can free them to take the Leap

Enjoy your Leap!

Your Fellow Leapologist