Good??? Bad???


You are running late for the meeting. As you drive into the parking lot you scan it to see who else is running late. No such luck, everyone is here, Once again you are the only one late.  The closer you get to the meeting room the tenser you get.


Today is the day that you are supposed to do the hospitality greeting at the church. Yet, the starting time for worship has come and gone, and you have not even made it inside the building.


There he is, the guy that is your current problem coworker. You and him just do not seem to get along any longer. Thee was a time you two seemed to be almost buddies. Now something has wedged itself between the two of you and the consequence is stress and anxiety every time you see him.


Is it possible that something good can come from these situations? There is a ULP (Universal Life Principle®) which states “all things work together for good”.


I want to invite you to a Wisdom Search® Tuesday October 23, 2012 at 7:00pm where we will search for the eight attitudes that will reveal the opportunities that are embedded within opposition.


Plan to attend by blocking the time on your calendar and then call the Wisdom Search Number at (805) 399-1000 and once you arrive enter your access code of 593915. If you have any questions you can reach me at 209.732.matt or email me at


You can download your worksheet by following this link.