The frustration caused by staff doing their own thing, showing up to work when they want, leaving when they want, doing what they want may be because they have no idea what the due North of your team or department.

Sure, they signed a piece of paper saying they understood, yet have they bought in? Apparently not!

Three actions that may help you get everyone back on the “Due North” of the department or team.

  1. Make certain that the bulk of what you say and do is about “Due North”. Many times as the principle influencer you may be distracting everyone because you allow them to witness you living another departments or organizations “Due North”.
  2. Have weeking “Recalibration” two-minute stand up meetings. Get a two minute sand timer and refine your meeting to be just two-minutes. Here is a tool you can use to help you stay in a two minute frame … Two Minutes to Transformation
  3. Have your team word the “Due North” in their own words. Applaud their progress towards the mark. Never wait to praise perfection, it does not exist.

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