Problem Solving Worksheet

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Interesting fact about this broadcast, we have been doing a broadcast every Thought-Filled Tuesday (except two Tuesday’s) since November of 2012. This is the very first broadcast where we experienced technical difficulties. We had to use the Problem Solving skills through the call. Take the time to listen and give me your feedback.

2 Commentsto Problem Solving Worksheet

  1. ROY MCGUIRE says:

    Matt first ,thank u , u have opened my eyes up on sunday ,besides i love to here u speak and watch people take in everything u say u are a gift from God . i have always read the bible thinking of how it would help someone else ,instead of how it helps me thinking its my job to help others ,then i would get blessed from it . but the more i know how God works the better i cam help others , and i am kinda screwed up as well. anyway there away you can fill in the blanks on the law of transformation for me . if so i thank you , trying to study your sunday mesage would be nice to have the blanks filled in , i am going to do it myself but would like to know what u say ……. thanks again my friend ..!

    • Matt Upton says:

      Roy, you are a man of wisdom and passion to do what is the most correct. All of us have cuts and scrapes from the falls that we have experienced. These cuts, scrapes, and bruises serve as reminders of what we have learned. They propel us forward to greater places of wisdom and its application.

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