Recently, while sitting in a restaurant waiting for my lunch to be  brought to me, I was doing something that I am certain none of you  have ever done. Yes, I was listening in on a conversation behind me.  They were having a grand old time talking about people in their  families, at their work, their church, and government officials.

As the conversation intensified, and they began to talk of their faith, I began to think of my own conversations? I wondered what they reflect to those around me? The part that really gave me a soul punch was when they had prayer over their meal and then almost without skipping a beat, jumped right into not so kind words of a well-known leader. Which prompted me to ask myself the following seven questions.

If my faith allows me to look down on others, speak words of destruction of people, laugh and tell jokes about their differences then is it The Faith?

If my faith allows me to gossip, slander, and ridicule others is it The Faith?

If my faith creates fear, shame, condemnation, and a lack of love for others and myself is it The Faith?

If my faith contains me in thinking small of myself, thinking small of others, accepting bad situations as permanent then is it The Faith?

If my faith compels me to speak poorly of leadership, think less of those less fortunate than me, despise the neglected, is it The Faith?

If my faith causes me to walk away from those in need, think ill of them, make fun of them, then is it The Faith?

If my faith directs me to despise difference, destroy others through my words, think of my self as better than others then is it The Faith?

That lunch gave me much more than I bargained for, it gave me a new perspective on my words and what they reflect of who I really am.

I am Matt, and I am your Friend

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