Discover your Direction


Within the heart of you and I emanates a desire to know which direction is my direction. We have a deep need to know that our lives matter and that we are headed in the right direction.


To many of us are like the characters in the Wizard of Oz at the fork in the road asking the cat which way is the right way? The cat asking “where do you want to go?, and their answer is “we do not know?” He correctly states then “it does not matter which fork you take”.


We can Discover our Direction through taking a look at what we have said “yes” to and what my “responsibilities” are as a result of saying “yes”.


The discussion on my broadcast Thought-Filled Tuesday morning coffee/tea chat we spent about 30 minutes diving into and uncovering this very thought of “Discovering our Direction”. Click here to be able to listen in on the discussion.


Next week we will look at “How to Live your Direction”. Thought-Filled Tuesday Morning Coffee/Tea Chat with Matt. The call in number is 805.399.1000 and your participation code is 593915.


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