Measuring oneself against oneself, from who you were and are to that higher best self is much wiser than measuring oneself by another or another’s opinion of you.

Yet deciding to be wise in your measuring is not easy, nor was ever meant to be easy.

The easy way is very deceptive. The D or the A you receive of that test has little to do with who you really are … Your view and opinion of yourself makes all the difference.

Wisdoms journey takes courage and stamina. Your best self is discovered in Wisdoms Journey. Living in pursuit of your best is where all you crave is discovered.

Begin here, begin now to compare yourself to your former self and to your vision of your best self. Discard all outside comparison of others or by others.

The courage and stamina is discovered along to upward journey called Wisdom.

You want your best self and we need your best self.

When there is anything I can do to “in-courage” you while in pursuit of your best self , just ask.