Connect to the Heart before Asking for Hands


The greatest task of a leader is to continually move forward in accomplishing the intentions, mission, and purpose of the endeavor they are leading. In accomplishing this there are at three things leaders must always key on the horizon of their vision.




Leaders lead people and people make up an organization. We must promote people more than programs and procedures. Programs and procedures are the structure that enables people to connect to people. People propel endeavors forward to success.




Connecting with people enables leaders to connect to unseen solutions to seen problems, pressures, and pesky people. People are always the answer.




Connecting begins with communication. Communicating is less about what you say and more about what others see, hear, and feel. When the leader listens before they speak and write they communicate much more effectively.


Tuesday evening at 7:00pm (California Time) June 15, 2013 I will lead a lively training on the Seven Skills of Connecting that every leader, team member, and aspiring speaker must know to be able to connect to hearts before asking for hands.


Call 805.399.1000 at 7:00pm (Pacific Coast Time) and when prompted enter your participation code of 593915.


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