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59 Gems I’ve Discovered along the Journey

Today, October 10th I step into 59 years of being on this journey of living. Like many who are here, we are a bit surprised to have arrived here so quickly. At the same time there are those who are where we were just yesterday, thinking “WOW” he is so old (LOL)!

I have put together a list of 59 gems I’ve picked up along the trail to here. Truth is along this journey i have goofed up (sometimes badly), made a truck load of “Mis-Takes”, experienced mountain top experiences as well as valley type heartaches, learned and re-learned a lot, yet the greatest Gems of through everything are the relationships I’ve had.

Some relationships were but a moment and others have lasted. Some of them became to kind of relationship that seemed as though they always had been. Of all of those that have been a gift to me by way of relationship, there are three people who have given me the most valuable Gems of the entire journey.

They feel as though they’ve always been part of my life and every time we are together whether breathing the same air space or through the advances of technology, they always replenish me. They are Rudy Felix Marquez JR “RJ”, Carmen Alicia Barajas, and Ezekiel Noah Marquez “Eze”; my three VP’s (Grandchildren).

They’ve been my greatest teachers of what’s most important in life. They have taught me to put everything aside and be with people face to face. it’s okay to color beyond the lines, sing out of (everyone else’s) tune, and to sit on the floor are just a few things that each of them have taught me.

The privilege to know and serve you is beyond my deserve line. Thank you for allowing me to be in your world and called one of your friends.

When I can do anything for you, just ask :-).

Click on this picture below to read the 59 Gems I’ve discovered along the journey.


Five Easy Activities To Catch the Best of Thanksgiving Day

Thursday November 24, 2016 “Thanksgiving Day. A time, a moment in our lives with Family and Friends. Here is a 30 minute video where I suggest five easy things to do to Catch the best of the day.

Matt Upton

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How to Answer Your Critic

This morning on my weekly Thought-Filled Tuesday Morning Coffee/Tea Chat with Matt we discussed a four point strategy to handle or talk with our critic. We revealed what I call The “F” Troop who become critics of our MAP.

Here is a copy of the video of the discussion. It is my hope that you enjoy it and are “In-Couraged” through the insight of the four point strategy.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

How To Answer Your Critic

Five Connecting Points to The Heart

Have you experienced a disconnect between your solution or message and those you have the answer for? Those that you know need your insight, wisdom, solution, or service and somehow they are not interested?
Then plan to spend 30 minutes with me over a cup or coffee or tea and lets chat about the five points of connect that can help get your insight, wisdom, solution, or service in the hearts and hands of those you want to serve.
Call me March 1st at 6:30 in the morning(California Time) at 712.770.4010 and use as your connection code 788638. This will be a Live Facebook event as well. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

The Danger Zone

Preserving Your Emotional Real Estate

Preserving Your Emotional Real Estate

When you or a friend finds yourself stuck on emotional and relationship repeats, Your mind recycles old stuff, seems as though you’ve lost your intuition to take care of yourself, you’ve become more reactive than in control, and you just can not trust anyone, then you may be in need of some take back your emotional real estate strategies!

Strategy #1

Lighten up on yourself; everyone goes through Emotional Overload from time to time. You are not the only one who falls into the black hole of emotional turmoil. If you give yourself a break and see it for what it is, just temporary, then it is likely to pass as fast as it showed up.

Strategy #2

Do not react to quickly. Remember emotions are masqueraders much of the time. They dress up as something they are not, they love to appear as one thing and be another. They (many times) cannot be trusted, nor relied upon. Sometimes they are like vapor; they appear for a moment and just as quickly disappear.

Strategy #3

Emotions are sustained and cultivated through our thoughts and words. The power of emotion is controlled by the way we think and speak of them; they exist within the frame of our perspective, which creates perception.

No person other than yourself has control over your emotions. Our perceptions of people and how they are supposed to treat us, determine our emotions. Therefore when we change our expectations of how people should treat us, then we begin to take back our emotional real estate. When we bring our view of people into line with reality, then we can begin to regain control of our emotions.

Strategy #4

Liberate people and predicaments from your version of life. One of the greatest reasons we lose our ability to be emotionally healthy is that we want everyone and everything to perform to our version of how things ought to be. Allowing people to be free from our vision of how things ought to be will result in taking ownership of our emotional real estate.

Strategy #5

Observe life through the lens of a learner rather than a lamenter. Viewing the events of your life through the proper lens is critical in taking back your emotions. Emotions are your servant, not the other way around. Begin today to ask yourself more “what am I supposed to learn” and less “why does this always happen to me” questions. When you ask the “why” question, begin to frame it like this; why is this happening and what am I supposed to learn or adjust in my life?”

This seemingly small adjustment of asking what and why questions will have majestic results on perception and perspective resulting in a life giving emotions rather than a life taking emotions.

Strategy #6

Validate the time people and predicaments get to park in your thought life garage. You are the owner of the parking garage of your thought life. Determine how long people and situations get to stay there. You decide who is in short-term parking, long-term parking, and who gets to park in the VIP section. After their time has run out; have tow them out!

No longer validate the parking pass of anyone or anything you do not want in your thought garage.

Those you allow in your thought garage will become what you think about. What you think about, you will begin to talk about. What you think about and talk about you will eventually experience emotion over, and act upon.

Strategy #7

Elevate through elimination. There are people, processes, and predicaments that we allow to become part of our everyday life that do nothing to bring elevation in our lives. Once we commit ourselves to personal elevation then these people, processes, and predicaments will be eliminated. Some will disappear quickly and some will vanish over time.

The purpose of the slow vanishing of your three “P’s” is to test your resolve for personal elevation. Your life is yours to decide how you want to live it. It takes commitment and stamina to stay on course to personal elevation.

As you begin to use these seven strategies they will do three things for you. One, is they will increase your soul’s strength and stamina through difficult situations. They will increase your souls defense system in recognizing who and what gets the privilege to be in your VIP section, and they will give you the courage to embrace the elimination of those people, processes, and predicaments that do not elevate you and your life.

When I can be a servant to you in deploying these strategies, just ask. You can reach me at, call or text me at 916.708.8103.

For further discussion on this subject plan to call my Tuesday Morning “Thought-Filled Coffee/Tea Chat” at 6:30am (California Time). The phone number is 805.399.1000 and your participation code is 593915. The call is just 35 minutes long and will be packed with insightful suggestions and all seven strategies in preserving your emotional real estate.

How to Slow Down and Relocate Your Peace of Mind

When life speeds up and Peace of Mind dissipates while stress increases, how do we Relocate our Peace of Mind? I use four simple steps to say “Halt, who goes there?”, to myself that helps me slow down and relocate my peace of mind.

After you listen to this broadcast of Thought-Filled Tuesday morning November 17, 2015 and pick up the four steps to slow down and relocate your peace of mind, let me know your thoughts. You can do this through the comment section here, or you can email me at, and you can call/text me at 916.708.8103.

Understanding Our RIPPLE Affect

There are times through our life’s journey that we forget that our thoughts, words, and actions have an affect on other people. For some of you my choice of using the word “affect” rather than “effect” is creating a Ripple affect in your soul?

I choose this word “affect” because i think that it is the affect that creates effect in those around us. It is important that we understand and take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions.

After listening to this 23 minute Thought-Filled Tuesday morning recording that contains Six keys to Understanding Your Ripple Affect, let me know your thoughts.

You can share your thoughts here in the comments section, or you can email me at, or you can call/text me at 916.708.8103


Making Four Simple Investments in Your Life

One of the uncomfortable things of life in that it comes with “TDS” Trouble, Disappointments, and Stress. For some, the “TDS” moments are viewed with fear and anxiety. Yet, it is through these times that we can grow and become the bigger and better people we are created to be.

Being able to grow through your own special blend of “TDS” we must be FAT people. When I say FAT people I mean we need to be “Faithful, Available, and Teachable”.

Tuesday morning July 14th on my morning broadcast I spoke about “How to Make Four Simple Investments in Your Life” (click on  the link to listen), it has within it four simple activities that you can do that will help you get through the TDS times.

I am Matt and your Friend. You can reach me at or you can call or text me at 916.708.8103.