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Eavesdropping, more than I bargained for

Recently, while sitting in a restaurant waiting for my lunch to be  brought to me, I was doing something that I am certain none of you  have ever done. Yes, I was listening in on a conversation behind me.  They were having a grand old time talking about people in their  families, at their work, their church, and government officials.

As the conversation intensified, and they began to talk of their faith, I began to think of my own conversations? I wondered what they reflect to those around me? The part that really gave me a soul punch was when they had prayer over their meal and then almost without skipping a beat, jumped right into not so kind words of a well-known leader. Which prompted me to ask myself the following seven questions.

If my faith allows me to look down on others, speak words of destruction of people, laugh and tell jokes about their differences then is it The Faith?

If my faith allows me to gossip, slander, and ridicule others is it The Faith?

If my faith creates fear, shame, condemnation, and a lack of love for others and myself is it The Faith?

If my faith contains me in thinking small of myself, thinking small of others, accepting bad situations as permanent then is it The Faith?

If my faith compels me to speak poorly of leadership, think less of those less fortunate than me, despise the neglected, is it The Faith?

If my faith causes me to walk away from those in need, think ill of them, make fun of them, then is it The Faith?

If my faith directs me to despise difference, destroy others through my words, think of my self as better than others then is it The Faith?

That lunch gave me much more than I bargained for, it gave me a new perspective on my words and what they reflect of who I really am.

I am Matt, and I am your Friend

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Enhancing School Café’s and Restaurants

Through out America the most amazing people are serving students great tasting nutritious food. In some cases the facilities are still up to date for the 1960’s. Upgrading the facilities is a long and perilous process, sometimes years in the planning and implanting.

What can we do in the mean time to make the environment more appealing for our customers? Though our primary task is providing great tasting nutritious food for students, food may not be the greatest reason they come to us.

The Lunch Gals and Guys who serve and interact with Students, Staff, and Parents are our greatest feature. As we continue to focus on upgrading our program we need to place the same level of emphasis on enhancing our school nutrition servants.

As our Lunch Gals and Guys gain greater confidence in themselves and their ability to communicate to their customers (Students, Staff, and Parents) the over mission of school nutrition is accomplished with greater effectiveness.

Equipping the Campus Café or Restaurant with a staff that understands how to serve great tasting nutritious food and connect with customers is the best marketing available. Here are three things that will increase customer service and cost nothing to implement.

1st            Look at our customers while they are in front of us. Look (even for a split second) at their eyes.

2nd            Smile at those we are serving

3rd            Call them by their name as much as possible

Those that serve our students, staff, and parents in Campus Cafés and Restaurants are our most important resource in increasing customer allegiance.


I am Matt, and I am your friend

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A Call to Compassion

I do not know that I have ever posted something like this talk by Monica Lewinsky? Yet, I just finished watching/listening to one of the bravest, compelling talks about what can happen to a person who makes a bad choice and what compassion from others can do to recover us who have made less than honorable choices.

For some of my readers, this will challenge your value system and moral code, yet I also believe it will touch your compassionate heart in a necessary way. Maybe, you have never made a choice that proved to be foolish and damaging to you and your loved ones, maybe you have never suffered under the weight of shame, yet I believe you have a heart that is compassion sensitive. Genuine compassion opens the gates to conversation which creates connection. It is through authentic connection that transformation takes root and grows.

Listen/watch the entire talk and my hope is that you will hear our need to express compassion through both our written and verbal words.

While listening/watching I am reminded of another woman who was caught in the very act of a bad decision. She was thrown to the feet of the man Jesus and as her accusers waited for His comments, He knelt and ran His finger through the dirt. His comments are filled with wise compassion. He first speaks to the accusers and gives them permission to do as they will based on their own purity. He then ask her where have all your accusers gone, she has no answer? Then, He shows her the way of personal compassion and says go your way and do not do this again. Releases her from the consequences of her unwise and dreadful choice.

Each and everyday I applaud those of you that live compassion towards others. You are the one who make the difference and return the possibility of life to us who have suffered at the hand of our own unwise choices. Most of us have needed compassion from others because of our foolish and unwise choices. Yet, the most powerful compassion may be the compassion you demonstrate to yourself. When you turn your focus from what you did and its consequences, toward what you have learned through it and what you will do differently from now on, you are free to serve others.

Forgiveness is the key. Compassion is the answer. Speak Up for others.

I welcome your thoughts and feelings of love and compassion.

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The “IFF” principle of Marketing

Magnificent Monday Marketing Tip:

The “IFF” principle of Marketing

Having a great product/service is very important in marketing. Yet, the most important marketing tool you have is yourself and your ability to meet a need in your marketplace.

The best Marketing strategy is located in the “IFF” principle of Marketing. It is the “IFF” principle that creates for you Location, Location, Location. People will go out of their way to connect to you. The “IFF” principle is Your Integrity, Friendliness, and Follow-Thru.

You cannot go to a formal training and learn integrity, it is learned through Time, Testing, and Transformation. People want to believe we are people of integrity, they will grant us integrity credits in the beginning of a relationship. We either increase or decrease our credibility of time as we face Testing. Testing is allowed to come into our lives to transform us into bigger and Better people that we once were.

Being friendly is gatekeeper that determines if we get to continue to build upon the initial transaction. If you are not a friendly person, then in time this current opportunity will disappear.

In the midst of your integrity and friendliness being on display, you will need to master follow-thru. At the end of the day this is simply making certain that your “yeses” or in fact a “YES”, and your “no’s” are in fact NO’s. When there is a transformational moment when your yes or no can not come to light, then you re-connect through your friendliness and integrity to those you are serving and be forth-right with them. Take full responsibility for the breakdown as well as getting the product or service to them as soon as possible.

You my fiend are the most important aspect of your service or product. Increase your “IFF” quotient and you will increase your connection and collaboration with people. Increasing your Connection and Collaboration will increase your Cash.

I am Matt, and I am your friend. When I can do anything for just ask.


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