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Give Them a Due North

The frustration caused by staff doing their own thing, showing up to work when they want, leaving when they want, doing what they want may be because they have no idea what the due North of your team or department.

Sure, they signed a piece of paper saying they understood, yet have they bought in? Apparently not!

Three actions that may help you get everyone back on the “Due North” of the department or team.

  1. Make certain that the bulk of what you say and do is about “Due North”. Many times as the principle influencer you may be distracting everyone because you allow them to witness you living another departments or organizations “Due North”.
  2. Have weeking “Recalibration” two-minute stand up meetings. Get a two minute sand timer and refine your meeting to be just two-minutes. Here is a tool you can use to help you stay in a two minute frame … Two Minutes to Transformation
  3. Have your team word the “Due North” in their own words. Applaud their progress towards the mark. Never wait to praise perfection, it does not exist.

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How to Bring your Best Serve in the midst of Difficulties


How to Answer Your Critic

This morning on my weekly Thought-Filled Tuesday Morning Coffee/Tea Chat with Matt we discussed a four point strategy to handle or talk with our critic. We revealed what I call The “F” Troop who become critics of our MAP.

Here is a copy of the video of the discussion. It is my hope that you enjoy it and are “In-Couraged” through the insight of the four point strategy.

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Five Connecting Points to The Heart

Have you experienced a disconnect between your solution or message and those you have the answer for? Those that you know need your insight, wisdom, solution, or service and somehow they are not interested?
Then plan to spend 30 minutes with me over a cup or coffee or tea and lets chat about the five points of connect that can help get your insight, wisdom, solution, or service in the hearts and hands of those you want to serve.
Call me March 1st at 6:30 in the morning(California Time) at 712.770.4010 and use as your connection code 788638. This will be a Live Facebook event as well. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Soles of Success 2016

Soles of Success

Some of you are aware of a project we have been engaged in for a little over a year now. Last year around this time we been partnering with lunch gals and guys, a few congregations, various disciplines of public schools, and big-hearted people to place 1010 pairs of shoes on the feet of children and students on October 10, 2015 (my birthday). We accomplished our goal and kept going.

Because of the Big Hearted people who have continued to open their Purses and Wallets we have nearly 400 Brand New Soles of Success for the feet of children and students that will enable them to run faster and jump higher/ After some strategic purchases, we still have $972.oo on hand for more Soles of Success.

You are making this happen 🙂

BTW: You can give at www.mattupton.net by accessing the link in the bottom right hand corner of the website. Thank you Thank You.


If you would like to partner with us, email me at Success@MattUpton.net or Call/text me at 916.708.8103. We need many big-hearted people just like you to help more children and students run faster and jump higher.

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The Experience is why they stand in our serving line

The vast majority of students standing in the line at school cafe’s and restaurants are there for a different reason than nutrition. They are there because they are after three things. Number one reason is they are hungry, followed by seeing and connecting with their friends, and some are there because they get to talk with their lunch gals or guys who serve them everyday.

Standing in Line They want something that taste good and satisfies their  hunger. Yes, some of them the nutritional value is of interest  to them, yet most it is just that it taste good and fills their  tummies. The connection they get with their friends and the  servers in the café and restaurant enhance the food they are  served.

The wise school café and restaurant leader that markets the taste and satisfaction of the food along with the connections made with their friends as well as their lunch gals and guys will see growth in numbers.

Apple®, Chrysler®, Pandora® and many other companies market the feeling people receive rather than the technology behind their product. They have recognized that the majority of their current and potential customer purchase based on feelings rather than knowledge.

Students attending 20 and 25 high school reunions when surveyed about whom they remember of high school regularly call out three people. They remember their coach, followed by the mean teacher, and then their lunch gal or guy.

There is something special about those who serve food in the school café or restaurant? It is above and beyond words, it is a feeling they give to their students.

I suggest that we rethink our marketing practices and begin to highlight the connections made at the school café and restaurant as the primary reason to eat with us. Once they are with us we can teach and market the nutrition and its importance in the quality of our lives.

Here is a thought to check and see if what I am suggesting has merit. Create a time once a week or once a month where students can have lunch with their Lunch Gal or Guy.

You can call it “Lunch with Your Lunch Gal or Guy”. Have the students sign up to be randomly chosen. Designate an area in the area while they eat and decorate it with a tablecloth, balloons, or flowers (make it look special). Randomly choose the day before and announce the winners for this week or month. The Lunch Gal or Guy who is eating with the students will eat the same food they are. While eating they can take one of the items and discuss the nutritional value of the food product, where it is produced, how it aids their bodies for health, and any other beneficial information.

When you begin to follow-up on the “Lunch with Your Lunch Gal or Guy” project, you will discover that because they got to know the person serving them, they retained and retold what they learned about what they are eating.

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Eavesdropping, more than I bargained for

Recently, while sitting in a restaurant waiting for my lunch to be  brought to me, I was doing something that I am certain none of you  have ever done. Yes, I was listening in on a conversation behind me.  They were having a grand old time talking about people in their  families, at their work, their church, and government officials.

As the conversation intensified, and they began to talk of their faith, I began to think of my own conversations? I wondered what they reflect to those around me? The part that really gave me a soul punch was when they had prayer over their meal and then almost without skipping a beat, jumped right into not so kind words of a well-known leader. Which prompted me to ask myself the following seven questions.

If my faith allows me to look down on others, speak words of destruction of people, laugh and tell jokes about their differences then is it The Faith?

If my faith allows me to gossip, slander, and ridicule others is it The Faith?

If my faith creates fear, shame, condemnation, and a lack of love for others and myself is it The Faith?

If my faith contains me in thinking small of myself, thinking small of others, accepting bad situations as permanent then is it The Faith?

If my faith compels me to speak poorly of leadership, think less of those less fortunate than me, despise the neglected, is it The Faith?

If my faith causes me to walk away from those in need, think ill of them, make fun of them, then is it The Faith?

If my faith directs me to despise difference, destroy others through my words, think of my self as better than others then is it The Faith?

That lunch gave me much more than I bargained for, it gave me a new perspective on my words and what they reflect of who I really am.

I am Matt, and I am your Friend


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Choose Your Day

People, Circumstances, Mistakes, Failings, nor Disappointments choose our day. We Do!

(for your copy of the “Choose Your Day” poster click here)

Impact Through Your Direction

There are a handful of people who become aware of and accept their purpose in live. You know who you are, you catch yourself dreaming of accomplishing something, or bringing about change, or maybe for you it’s solving some problem.

Today, I want to speak to just you. Now that you have accepted your calling in live, you will begin to make an Impact on those around you. I want to give you six commitments that you can make to yourself that will help you in staying the course and arriving at your destination.

I have attached a PODCAST for you to listen to, it is only 30 minutes long. It contains your six commitments to yourself to make an Impact.

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You make us bigger and better

You make us Bigger and  Better 🙂

You are here to help your family, those you volunteer with, and those you work with to be bigger and better than they believe they are. Those around you have been through many of the very same valleys and mountain top experiences that you have  been through.

As you allow us to see, hear, and feel your journey of success through those experiences we gain the courage and stamina to continue our journey.

We need you. You are Fabulous and have become an example of success for us.

As you have continued to STEP forward, you have given us courage to STEP forward ourselves.

S … Serving to your utmost best is our example

T … Tallying up your wins more than your losses has encouraged us to do the same.

E … Empowering us through your example of stick-to-ive-ness has made the difference for us, when we considered giving up.

P … Pausing to consider wisdom’s way as you have always done, has become our way too.

Thank you for always being a person that continues to STEP forward, even when it seemed quitting would be easier.


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