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How to Bring your Best Serve in the midst of Difficulties


Five Connecting Points to The Heart

Have you experienced a disconnect between your solution or message and those you have the answer for? Those that you know need your insight, wisdom, solution, or service and somehow they are not interested?
Then plan to spend 30 minutes with me over a cup or coffee or tea and lets chat about the five points of connect that can help get your insight, wisdom, solution, or service in the hearts and hands of those you want to serve.
Call me March 1st at 6:30 in the morning(California Time) at 712.770.4010 and use as your connection code 788638. This will be a Live Facebook event as well. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

The Experience is why they stand in our serving line

The vast majority of students standing in the line at school cafe’s and restaurants are there for a different reason than nutrition. They are there because they are after three things. Number one reason is they are hungry, followed by seeing and connecting with their friends, and some are there because they get to talk with their lunch gals or guys who serve them everyday.

Standing in Line They want something that taste good and satisfies their  hunger. Yes, some of them the nutritional value is of interest  to them, yet most it is just that it taste good and fills their  tummies. The connection they get with their friends and the  servers in the café and restaurant enhance the food they are  served.

The wise school café and restaurant leader that markets the taste and satisfaction of the food along with the connections made with their friends as well as their lunch gals and guys will see growth in numbers.

Apple®, Chrysler®, Pandora® and many other companies market the feeling people receive rather than the technology behind their product. They have recognized that the majority of their current and potential customer purchase based on feelings rather than knowledge.

Students attending 20 and 25 high school reunions when surveyed about whom they remember of high school regularly call out three people. They remember their coach, followed by the mean teacher, and then their lunch gal or guy.

There is something special about those who serve food in the school café or restaurant? It is above and beyond words, it is a feeling they give to their students.

I suggest that we rethink our marketing practices and begin to highlight the connections made at the school café and restaurant as the primary reason to eat with us. Once they are with us we can teach and market the nutrition and its importance in the quality of our lives.

Here is a thought to check and see if what I am suggesting has merit. Create a time once a week or once a month where students can have lunch with their Lunch Gal or Guy.

You can call it “Lunch with Your Lunch Gal or Guy”. Have the students sign up to be randomly chosen. Designate an area in the area while they eat and decorate it with a tablecloth, balloons, or flowers (make it look special). Randomly choose the day before and announce the winners for this week or month. The Lunch Gal or Guy who is eating with the students will eat the same food they are. While eating they can take one of the items and discuss the nutritional value of the food product, where it is produced, how it aids their bodies for health, and any other beneficial information.

When you begin to follow-up on the “Lunch with Your Lunch Gal or Guy” project, you will discover that because they got to know the person serving them, they retained and retold what they learned about what they are eating.

When there is anything I can do to serve you and your team of servers, just ask.


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Enhancing School Café’s and Restaurants

Through out America the most amazing people are serving students great tasting nutritious food. In some cases the facilities are still up to date for the 1960’s. Upgrading the facilities is a long and perilous process, sometimes years in the planning and implanting.

What can we do in the mean time to make the environment more appealing for our customers? Though our primary task is providing great tasting nutritious food for students, food may not be the greatest reason they come to us.

The Lunch Gals and Guys who serve and interact with Students, Staff, and Parents are our greatest feature. As we continue to focus on upgrading our program we need to place the same level of emphasis on enhancing our school nutrition servants.

As our Lunch Gals and Guys gain greater confidence in themselves and their ability to communicate to their customers (Students, Staff, and Parents) the over mission of school nutrition is accomplished with greater effectiveness.

Equipping the Campus Café or Restaurant with a staff that understands how to serve great tasting nutritious food and connect with customers is the best marketing available. Here are three things that will increase customer service and cost nothing to implement.

1st            Look at our customers while they are in front of us. Look (even for a split second) at their eyes.

2nd            Smile at those we are serving

3rd            Call them by their name as much as possible

Those that serve our students, staff, and parents in Campus Cafés and Restaurants are our most important resource in increasing customer allegiance.


I am Matt, and I am your friend

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1010 Shoe Project for Families in Need

Every year I am asked, “Matt, what do you want for your birthday?” this year I have an answer. I want to give away 1010 shoes to families in need. I want to connect and collaborate with you on October 10th at 10:10am give away 1010 pairs of new shoes to families in need in 10 different cities.

We are looking for New Shoes to give away. You can either buy a new pair or buy a gift card and send it to me or give it to your local 1010 Shoe Project coordinator and we will convert it into shoes.

You may be one of those people who have a passion to connect with me and collaborate in placing 1010 brand new shoes on the feet of families in need? If this is you, let me know and lets communicate and then begin collecting new shoes that we can give away on October 10, 2015 at 10:10am in 10 different cities.

Here is the link to download the poster/flyer 1010 shoe project flyer. Together we can accomplish amazing things. Imagine what it is going to be like for a student in your community for (maybe) the first time getting a brand new pair of athletic or outdoor shoes that you provided for them.

You can reach me at or call/text me at 916.708.8103 for any additional information.

On behalf of children and students within our communities let me say thank you for providing them with a brand new pair of shoes on October 10, 2015 at 10:10am in 10 different cities.

Resolving Conflicts

So, you come to a crossroad of conflict between you and a comrade? When I use this word Comrade, I am referring to someone you work with, volunteer with, or live with in some kind of on going relationship.

We can either take the trail that leads to the valley of assumption or the trail upward that leads to the high point of perspective. The choice is ours. Both trails involve effort and will challenge the stamina of your resolve.

Listen to the Podcast that is attached to this and then give me your thoughts and feelings. It is my hope that you will gain some Resolve Insight and choose the trail to the High Point of Perspective more often than the trail to the Valley of Assumption.

I am Matt, and I am your friend. When I can do anything for you, just ask.

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The “IFF” principle of Marketing

Magnificent Monday Marketing Tip:

The “IFF” principle of Marketing

Having a great product/service is very important in marketing. Yet, the most important marketing tool you have is yourself and your ability to meet a need in your marketplace.

The best Marketing strategy is located in the “IFF” principle of Marketing. It is the “IFF” principle that creates for you Location, Location, Location. People will go out of their way to connect to you. The “IFF” principle is Your Integrity, Friendliness, and Follow-Thru.

You cannot go to a formal training and learn integrity, it is learned through Time, Testing, and Transformation. People want to believe we are people of integrity, they will grant us integrity credits in the beginning of a relationship. We either increase or decrease our credibility of time as we face Testing. Testing is allowed to come into our lives to transform us into bigger and Better people that we once were.

Being friendly is gatekeeper that determines if we get to continue to build upon the initial transaction. If you are not a friendly person, then in time this current opportunity will disappear.

In the midst of your integrity and friendliness being on display, you will need to master follow-thru. At the end of the day this is simply making certain that your “yeses” or in fact a “YES”, and your “no’s” are in fact NO’s. When there is a transformational moment when your yes or no can not come to light, then you re-connect through your friendliness and integrity to those you are serving and be forth-right with them. Take full responsibility for the breakdown as well as getting the product or service to them as soon as possible.

You my fiend are the most important aspect of your service or product. Increase your “IFF” quotient and you will increase your connection and collaboration with people. Increasing your Connection and Collaboration will increase your Cash.

I am Matt, and I am your friend. When I can do anything for just ask.


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Discovering your Direction

Discover your Direction


Within the heart of you and I emanates a desire to know which direction is my direction. We have a deep need to know that our lives matter and that we are headed in the right direction.


To many of us are like the characters in the Wizard of Oz at the fork in the road asking the cat which way is the right way? The cat asking “where do you want to go?, and their answer is “we do not know?” He correctly states then “it does not matter which fork you take”.


We can Discover our Direction through taking a look at what we have said “yes” to and what my “responsibilities” are as a result of saying “yes”.


The discussion on my broadcast Thought-Filled Tuesday morning coffee/tea chat we spent about 30 minutes diving into and uncovering this very thought of “Discovering our Direction”. Click here to be able to listen in on the discussion.


Next week we will look at “How to Live your Direction”. Thought-Filled Tuesday Morning Coffee/Tea Chat with Matt. The call in number is 805.399.1000 and your participation code is 593915.


I am Matt, and I am your Friend. When I can do anything for you, just ask. You can reach me by calling or texting 916.708.8103 or email me at

You make us bigger and better

You make us Bigger and  Better 🙂

You are here to help your family, those you volunteer with, and those you work with to be bigger and better than they believe they are. Those around you have been through many of the very same valleys and mountain top experiences that you have  been through.

As you allow us to see, hear, and feel your journey of success through those experiences we gain the courage and stamina to continue our journey.

We need you. You are Fabulous and have become an example of success for us.

As you have continued to STEP forward, you have given us courage to STEP forward ourselves.

S … Serving to your utmost best is our example

T … Tallying up your wins more than your losses has encouraged us to do the same.

E … Empowering us through your example of stick-to-ive-ness has made the difference for us, when we considered giving up.

P … Pausing to consider wisdom’s way as you have always done, has become our way too.

Thank you for always being a person that continues to STEP forward, even when it seemed quitting would be easier.

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Standing in the midst of your Storm of Adversity

Raise your hand if you have faced or are facing the “Winds of Adversity” in your life. Looks like 100% of us have a hand raised. Todays question is how do I maneuver through this storm of adversity? How do I stay focused on my goals and aspirations while in the midst of adversity?

There are five attitude activities that have learned through previous storms of adversity. Here is a recording as well that may become a source of courage as you stand in the midst of your storm of adversity.

The five Attitude Activities to be able to Stand in the midst of your storm of Adversity

Stabilize yourself through viewing this setback as a setup for a great comeback

Target what you already know through looking at your own MAP of where you are headed and where you’ve already been

Analyze your previous wins, especially those that are born from what looked like setbacks

Negotiate the current obstacles with the courage you gained from your MAP

Determine to arrive at your destination, regardless of current events

I am Matt, and I am your friend. When I can do anything for you, just ask.

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