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How to Slow Down and Relocate Your Peace of Mind

When life speeds up and Peace of Mind dissipates while stress increases, how do we Relocate our Peace of Mind? I use four simple steps to say “Halt, who goes there?”, to myself that helps me slow down and relocate my peace of mind.

After you listen to this broadcast of Thought-Filled Tuesday morning November 17, 2015 and pick up the four steps to slow down and relocate your peace of mind, let me know your thoughts. You can do this through the comment section here, or you can email me at Success@MattUpton.net, and you can call/text me at 916.708.8103.

Understanding Our RIPPLE Affect

There are times through our life’s journey that we forget that our thoughts, words, and actions have an affect on other people. For some of you my choice of using the word “affect” rather than “effect” is creating a Ripple affect in your soul?

I choose this word “affect” because i think that it is the affect that creates effect in those around us. It is important that we understand and take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions.

After listening to this 23 minute Thought-Filled Tuesday morning recording that contains Six keys to Understanding Your Ripple Affect, let me know your thoughts.

You can share your thoughts here in the comments section, or you can email me at Success@MattUpton.net, or you can call/text me at 916.708.8103


Making Four Simple Investments in Your Life

One of the uncomfortable things of life in that it comes with “TDS” Trouble, Disappointments, and Stress. For some, the “TDS” moments are viewed with fear and anxiety. Yet, it is through these times that we can grow and become the bigger and better people we are created to be.

Being able to grow through your own special blend of “TDS” we must be FAT people. When I say FAT people I mean we need to be “Faithful, Available, and Teachable”.

Tuesday morning July 14th on my morning broadcast I spoke about “How to Make Four Simple Investments in Your Life” (click on  the link to listen), it has within it four simple activities that you can do that will help you get through the TDS times.

I am Matt and your Friend. You can reach me at Success@MattUpton.net or you can call or text me at 916.708.8103.

Be “In-Couraged”

I am looking forward to seeing you and spending time with you.

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Five Rule Breakers that Changed Everything

Your Mindset Limits or Launches You …

Basically there are three kinds of people, those that just accept things as they are, those that complain and moan about how things are, and then there are those select few who actually do something about what they perceive as wrong or less than what could be.

I want you to meet five people who moved from a limiting mindset to a launching mindset. They changed everything through moving from complaining and moaning about how things are, to do something about it.

Listen to the podcast of “Five Rule Breakers that Changed Everything” afterwards connect with me and give me your thoughts. You can leave your comments here, or you can email me at Success@MattUpton.net, and you can call/text me at 916.708.8103.

Next week we begin a three-week look at “The Seven Principles of Production Power”. We will meet at 6:30am till 7:05(California Time) on the phone at 805.399.1000 and use your participation code of 953915.

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Our Thoughts have Creative Force

There are only a few things that are given to each person equally. There are two I want to zero in on for the moment are the minutes we are allotted each and everyday. Regardless of who you are, where you live, your status, or your physical condition all of us get just 1440 minutes a day.

The second is the power of our thoughts within those 1440 minutes. Our thoughts become words, attitudes, and actions. The combination of our thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions determine how we view and respond to creation.

The recording I have attached to this blog is an adaptation from a stage play called “Time” which premiered April 9, 1986 and Sir Laurence Oliver is the original voice (as far as I have discovered). I have changed some of the words in order to stay true to my own BS (Belief System).

I hope you enjoy listening and considering the thoughts and words within the recording.

I am Matt, and I am your friend


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Resolving Conflicts

So, you come to a crossroad of conflict between you and a comrade? When I use this word Comrade, I am referring to someone you work with, volunteer with, or live with in some kind of on going relationship.

We can either take the trail that leads to the valley of assumption or the trail upward that leads to the high point of perspective. The choice is ours. Both trails involve effort and will challenge the stamina of your resolve.

Listen to the Podcast that is attached to this and then give me your thoughts and feelings. It is my hope that you will gain some Resolve Insight and choose the trail to the High Point of Perspective more often than the trail to the Valley of Assumption.

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Impact Through Your Direction

There are a handful of people who become aware of and accept their purpose in live. You know who you are, you catch yourself dreaming of accomplishing something, or bringing about change, or maybe for you it’s solving some problem.

Today, I want to speak to just you. Now that you have accepted your calling in live, you will begin to make an Impact on those around you. I want to give you six commitments that you can make to yourself that will help you in staying the course and arriving at your destination.

I have attached a PODCAST for you to listen to, it is only 30 minutes long. It contains your six commitments to yourself to make an Impact.

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Live Your Direction

So you’ve set out on your course, that journey of Direction in your life and you are now experiencing storms of oppositions? Feeling like quitting? Maybe jumping ship and trying something else?

WAIT! Before you abandon your current direction, listen to the following 30 minute podcast about “Living Your Direction” there are 6 secrets of Living Your Direction that you will want to know.

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Speak Up, You are Needed!

Though it may not be real clear to you, you are needed in your Family Circle, your Friend Circle, and your Foe Circle. The answers and solutions that are coming to light within you will help the rest of us.

I am Matt, and I am your Friend


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