You make us Bigger and  Better 🙂

You are here to help your family, those you volunteer with, and those you work with to be bigger and better than they believe they are. Those around you have been through many of the very same valleys and mountain top experiences that you have  been through.

As you allow us to see, hear, and feel your journey of success through those experiences we gain the courage and stamina to continue our journey.

We need you. You are Fabulous and have become an example of success for us.

As you have continued to STEP forward, you have given us courage to STEP forward ourselves.

S … Serving to your utmost best is our example

T … Tallying up your wins more than your losses has encouraged us to do the same.

E … Empowering us through your example of stick-to-ive-ness has made the difference for us, when we considered giving up.

P … Pausing to consider wisdom’s way as you have always done, has become our way too.

Thank you for always being a person that continues to STEP forward, even when it seemed quitting would be easier.

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